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My name is Clinton Judy. I'm a web developer living in State College, Pennsylvania. I've been programming my entire life, and a Rails developer for the last 5 years. I love the practice of software craftsmanship, and I strive to amaze every client I work with. Let's build stuff together!

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Clinton Judy

110 Scenery Ct
State College, PA, USA  16801

Artfully OSE

Artfully Open Source Edition is a Rails engine driving, an online system to sell tickets, receive donations, and manage your customers. It’s a simple, elegant way to keep track of events and people, and now you can run and extend it under the MIT license.

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The Karma server project is a restful API for tracking “karma” points of users across several separate websites. It has a complete, easy, RESTful API for integration. It's designed to be highly concurrent, and includes 100% code coverage.

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Lifeviz was released under the MIT license. You can find more about the Lifeviz project in the portfolio. The project is notable for dealing with millions of rows of heirarchical taxonomy data, and a variety of sources of longevity annotations for species.

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Open Source Lead

Fractured Atlas

New York, NY
May 2012 – Present
  • Worked on, a system for managing customers and selling tickets online.
  • Turned the majority of into an open source Rails engine for use by other organizations.
  • Developed a discount system for promoters and customers when selling and buying tickets.
  • Developed advanced searching and list segment features for organizing customer lists.
  • Overhauled the sign up and sign-in flows for, increasing conversion rates.

Educator, Consultant


State College, PA
May 2007 – Present
  • Founded The Make Space, a new hackerspace in State College.
  • Regular speaker at the State College Ruby Group, with a series of talks on subjects like “New Elements in HTML5 and CSS3,” “EventMachine,” “ActiveRecord,” “Node.JS,” “CoffeeScript,” and “How to use Pry”.
  • Tutored students in programming with Ruby and advanced HTML and CSS.
  • Consulted several local startups on application development, effective UX design, software estimation, and object-oriented design.

Contract Web Developer

Copious, Inc.

Portland, OR
February 2012 – April 2012
  • Worked on VIE Sports, a social networking site for athletes.
  • Created the achievement system, rewarding users for actions taken throughout the site.
  • Developed the “wall”, a feed of your comments, competitions entered, scores, friendships made, and even more.
  • Developed privacy controls, so you get to control which people get to see which things you've done.
  • Designed other parts of the UI, including score entry and location search.

Web Developer

February 2009 – October 2011
  • Estimated, designed, developed, and launched websites out of several experimental technologies and ideas with MIT, Penn State, the DOT, and the Marine Biological Laboratory.
  • Project lead on websites for several high-profile companies in Centre County.
  • Represented the company at networking events.
  • Assisted the hiring process for new employees.
  • Respected for my opinion with the direction of the company.

Web Developer, Technician

November 2008 – January 2009
  • Developed a tool to manage virtual machines and application sequencing.
  • Installed, configured, networked, and supported hardware for local businesses, including a 40+ thin–client installation at a free health clinic.

Web Developer, Technician

Glenn O. Hawbaker

State College, PA
August 2007 – November 2008
  • Developed applications to assist with company roles, including resume management and production scheduling.
  • Created and maintained the company intranet.
  • Updated the public website.
  • Repaired and installed computers and networking equipment at various remote locations throughout Pennsylvania and New York, including an airport control tower.

Graphic Designer

Menu Master

Spring Mills, PA
February 2007 – May 2007
  • Designed eye-catching menus, place-mats and takeout menus.
  • Communicated with 14-20 listed advertisers per project to ensure each advertiser was happy with the layout of their completed design.
  • Collaborated with the company's print shop for project receiving and proper color matching.

Web Developer,
Graphic Designer


State College, PA
October 2004 – February 2007
  • Designed a variety of graphic and web designs for local businesses and non-profit organizations, including a newspaper flyer for a muzzleloader supply store, a menu for a local diner, websites for student organizations, and wall flyers for student-run events.

Computer Science, Graphic & Online Design

Lock Haven University

Lock Haven, PA
August 2004 – May 2007

As a graphic and web designer, I developed an appreciation of design principles and typography, and came away with a very serious eye towards my own work. For each assignment (like magazine articles or logos), we were given a few days to work on each piece. But “turning in” your work involved standing at the front of the class, presenting your piece, and watching idly while your classmates ruthlessly tore into your design. You would hear that your piece was ineffective at its goals, or that you didn't use space efficiently, or that it “just sucked”. It was an incredibly humbling experience, and gave me a fantastic appreciation of the amount of work it took to make something effective.

Screenshot of the Lifeviz homepage.


I was the project lead on this web application, which takes longevity information from a several different resources, and creates a navigable table and parallel coordinates chart. Scientists have already found several new trends in the data, which were made possible by this new visualization strategy.

Screenshot of the Bus Test Database homepage.

The PTI Bus Test Database

I was a developer on this website. The Pennsylvania Transportation Institute tests buses in every way imaginable. They collect that data, and put it onto the new website in an easily navigatable format so governmental agencies and local municipalities can determine the safety and effectiveness of different bus models before they purchase them.

The imagination captcha creation process.

Imagination Captcha

In Development

The Imagination Captcha is a new way to stop bots from accessing forbidden parts of websites. It was devised by a small team at Penn State, and our task at West Arete was to turn it into a usable, sellable product.

Screenshot of the Collegiate Athletic Travel homepage.

Collegiate Athletic Travel

Collegiate Athletic Travel sells bowl packages to prospective travelers and college football fans. They wanted to redo their online presence to target a younger audience, and I was happy to be part of the development team to make that a successful reality.

Screenshot of the Blue Mountain Quality Resources homepage.

Blue Mountain Quality Resources

I was a developer on this project, a public website for a developer of asset management products and services, designed for the life sciences industry (like pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies).

Clinton is a exemplary asset to our team. His work is consistently delivered on time, to spec, and within budget, and his code meets our high standards of test coverage, documentation, and maintainability here at COPIOUS. Clinton is a leading example of a well-balanced web engineer: he's equally adept at designing enjoyable user interfaces as he is at developing a strong database schema. I'm comfortable offering a wide variety of work to him, as he would make a great addition to any development team.

—Dann Stayskal

Clinton is a creative, enthusiastic web developer. At West Arete, he was always interested in learning and applying the latest technologies. He was able to quickly become comfortable with new languages and techniques and apply them to our problems. Given a specific task, Clint knew how to focus on it and work it to completion. On several of our projects, he showed an excellent ability to design classes and objects and separate responsibility between layers of code. Clint always had an even–keeled demeanor and was a pleasure to work with.

—Scott Woods

Clinton is a valuable asset to our team. He is very thorough with detail and solves problems creatively. I've had the pleasure to work side by side with him on several projects and am always impressed by his insights and abilities to methodically chunk down large problems into smaller manageable pieces. I highly recommend Clinton as a great addition to any team.

—John Marino

Clinton Judy
110 Scenery Ct
State College, PA, USA 16801
814.531.5839 **MAKER